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Karma Club Calendar Cards - A year of Love Letters 💌

Karma Club Calendar Cards - A year of Love Letters 💌

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The Karma Club Calendar Cards

My unique calendar of 12 greetings cards plus mini display easel (envelopes also included)

Spread some love & positivity with a love letter every month for a year. 

2024 collection available to purchase NOW until June 2024

Or........Subscribe with small monthly payments for the 2025 collection (includes a subscribers only limited edition art print


OPTION 1. Purchase the 2024 collection and receive them within 5-7days (outside UK will take a little longer)

OPTION 2. Subscribe Monthly to the 2025 collection. They will arrive in the post December 2024. You will then receive a calendar every December providing your subscription is active) BONUS - subscribers will also receive a limited edition print with the calendar.


  • Receive 12 greetings cards with my art printed on them in with a mini easel to display them on (envelopes included)
  • Start any month of the year! Display the cards and envelopes as shown in the picture on the mini easel either from January (or whichever month you buy the current collection - your 12 months will start then) 
  • Enjoy the displayed art for the whole of the month then when a new month begins simply take that card off the easel and send it on to bless someone as a random letter of love!
  • The next card will show on the easel for you to enjoy for the following month. Repeat the process until all 12 months are over. A new collection will be released Every December. Congratulations you will have sent out 12 positive ripples into the universe. 
  • Please remember the cards are not intended for birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc...... This is all about writing a random letters of love.


In our day and age of texting and social media I want in bring back a physical human touch into the way we communicate.

Imagine how you would feel if you knew someone went to the effort to write you a letter and post it to you.

The ripple effects of this gesture will make HUGE waves and will save lives.

Proceeds help me create mental health and wellness projects around the world.

I can’t wait to send your a pack.

Love Graham 💌

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