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Bemused & Amused (SOLD)

Bemused & Amused (SOLD)

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Bemused & Amused

I showed this painting to someone, and he mentioned how he appreciated the fact that only her eyes are visible, allowing you to interpret her emotions without seeing what lies beneath the water.

I found this aspect particularly intriguing! Gazing into her eyes, it's as if we're delving into a quantum superposition thought experiment. Just as Schrödinger's Cat can exist in a state of both being alive and dead until observed, she, too, can encompass a myriad of emotions beneath the surface of her reflection.

Original painting created using oil paint on a stretched canvas. 

Import tax and duties may apply for international sales and are the responsibility of the buyer.

To ensure safe travel, this painting will be shipped unstretched & rolled in a shipping tube.  It is recommended to remove it from the tube promptly when the painting arrives and utilize quality framing. 

This artwork will become a print at a later date. 

Contact the studio for shipping updates. 

Signed by the artist, Graham Cullis


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