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Serenity (SOLD)

Serenity (SOLD)

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Oil on canvas - 60 x 40cm

This painting will be discounted if bought together as a pair with my latest female figurative painting Emergence (third image). Email me to enquire about private checkout link.

" In the profound depths of the ocean, we encounter the sentient dolphins, embodying a wisdom that mirrors the harmonious flow of life.

As travelers in their watery domain, we're reminded of our duty to respect and safeguard their sacred home, a dance of balance and reverence. In the dolphins' presence, we find ourselves humbled by the mysteries of the deep, guided toward the path of coexistence and respect, in harmony with the ever-flowing rhythms of existence."

Import tax and duties may apply for international sales and are the responsibility of the buyer.

To ensure safe travel, this painting will be shipped rolled in a shipping tube.  It is recommended to remove it from the tube promptly when the painting arrives and utilize quality framing.

Some extra drying time may be needed before shipping.

This artwork may become a print at a later date.

Contact the studio for shipping updates.

This painting will be signed signed by the artist, Graham Cullis



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